A Guide to Idioms by K. Cullen, P. Hands

By K. Cullen, P. Hands

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See also spill the beans > b e a n s ; give the gam e aw ay > g a m e cat o like a cat on hot bricks (B rE ) or like a cat on a hot tin roof I f you are so excited or anxious that you cannot sit still or concentrate properly, you are like a cat on hot bricks or a cat on a hot tin roof: Ford is hopping like a cat on hot bricks, demanding that something should be done. o like the cat that got the cream Someone who looks like the cat that got the cream is looking very pleased with themselves: He was smiling, M r Barnes, like the cat that got the cream.

V / counter 3 corners o cut corners You cut corners when you try to do something in a way which involves less effort, money or time than if you had used the more usual method, probably giving you a result which is not so good: Constructing equipment of this nature is is a time-consuming occupa­ tion although there are a few that try to cut corners to maximize profits. costs 3 at all costs Something which must happen at all costs is so important that everything possible must be done to make sure it happens: This letter must reach him by this afternoon at all costs.

Sophie! I said. And she cut me dead. My own child cut me dead. 25am. Even with normal traffic, it was cutting it fine. o cut it out I f you tell someone to ‘cut it out’, you are telling them angrily to stop doing something: Cut it out, Tm warning you. 3 cut out for something Someone who is cut out for som e­ thing is perfectly suited for it: I tried my best, but I ’m afraid Tm just not cut out for teaching. 3 cut up rough or cut up nasty I f someone cuts up rough, or nasty, they react badly to something, becom­ ing angry or violent: You can get round him if you go the right way about it.

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