Absolute Values of Neutrino Masses - Status and Prospects by S. Bilensky

By S. Bilensky

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The authors of Ref. 07 eV, consistent with Super-Kamiokande data, explains the cosmic ray events in this leptonic asymmetric case. Also, we would like to mention that the possibility that Z-bursts may account for events just below the GZK energy and above the ankle of the cosmic ray spectrum is considered in Ref. 07 eV. Many other aspects of the Z-burst scenario have been treated in the literature [232]. For example, to what extent may neutrino clustering (which is quite likely) enhance the signal, which other observations may put constrains to the model, and which are the distinctive features that may help us in discriminating between Z-bursts and other explanations of the UHE cosmic ray puzzle.

Unfortunately there is a substantial amount of degeneracy among the cosmological parameters [173] that allow for a multiplicity of different parameter choices giving an equally acceptable spectrum. So it is very desirable to use alternative measurements as complementary tools for determining cosmological parameters and thus help break degeneracies. For instance, for a flat Universe (Ω ∼ 1, as it is indeed the case; see point 2 above) the position of the first peak is almost independent of the relative weight of matter (baryonic plus dark) and dark energy (cosmological constant) in Ω.

In this way the implications for neutrino mass will be less uncertain. 002 on the density of baryons [194]. 07. Another prior is the total matter density Ωm . As stated before when we discussed the peak structure of the CMB anisotropy spectrum, there is strong evidence for a spatially flat Universe [196]. This means Ωm + ΩΛ = 1. 14. On the other hand, independent studies give a wider spread of values. 9 [200]. Given these facts that make Ωm the most poorly known parameter, the authors of the present analysis employed two kinds of priors on Ωm .

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