Advanced Functional Materials by Prof. Hee-Gweon Woo, Prof. Hong Li (auth.)

By Prof. Hee-Gweon Woo, Prof. Hong Li (auth.)

With fresh advancements within the polymer, ceramic, sensor, and gasoline cellphone know-how, various novel fabrics were synthetic for complicated, compact, and digital undefined. Polymers, silicon, power fabrics have got a lot realization in recent times. "Advanced sensible fabrics" supplies the latest learn effects on polymer, wonderful ceramics, sensor, and eco-friendly gas cells. The content material of this publication, usually according to the authors' contemporary learn effects, covers a large spectrum together with: the complex inorganic-organic-hybrid polymeric fabrics, excessive practical sensor, and microbial gasoline cells. The booklet is acceptable for the researchers operating within the components of polymer, nanotechnology, ceramic engineering, engineering thermoplastic, power and gear engineering, chemical engineering and fabrics, and so forth.

Hee-Gweon Woo is a professor on the division of Chemistry, Chonnam nationwide college, the Republic of Korea. Hong Li is a professor on the Institute of Polymer Chemistry, Nankai college, China.

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