Affair of the Mutilated Mink by James Anderson

By James Anderson

The Earl of Burford hosts one other a bit batty, completely baffling apartment party....
George Henry Alwyn Saunders, twelfth in his line, has taken a complicated to movies. he is approximately killed with pride while a film tycoon wishes Alderly, the Burfords' seventeenth century nation property, for the set of a brand new Rex Ransom epic. The bronzed, good-looking big name has lengthy overjoyed the crazy lord with incredible deeds at the silver screen.
Less than overjoyed is the Countess, who is unexpectedly taking part in hostess to a Hollywood crowd and a growing to be visitor checklist that features a long-lost cousin and a shady moment wife, suitors for the Burford's willful daughter woman Geraldine, an eccentric screenwriter protesting the pirating of his paintings, a sultry, sparky femme fatale, a qualified blackmailer....
Oh sure, roles from James L. Anderson's first zany whodunit, The Affair of the Bloodstained Egg comfortable, are reprised by means of Merryweather, ther imperturbable relatives butler, and the perspicacious Ins. Wilkins of the Westshire constabulary. And what does a mutilated mink coat need to do with anything?....
Nothing can most sensible the merrily murderous Thirties apartment celebration for a puzzler!

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Accomplices? Hunter and victim? She reread the caption beneath the picture. Then she put the magazine safely away. As she did so, her mind was working furiously. ' George Henry Aylwin Saunders, twelfth Earl of Burford, took up a fencing stance and thrust. The ferrule of his umbrella stopped one inch from his butler's waistcoat. ' the Earl exclaimed. ' Merryweather, the butler, relieved his master of the umbrella and his overcoat. ' 'Tophole. Errol Flynn is terrific. ' Merryweather vanished into the background.

He twisted the throttle grip, leaning over so that the wheels of the sidecar actually left the ground. One thing, however, which he had not allowed for was the heavy overnight frost that had resulted in icy roads. Until he'd reached the village he'd been travelling on main roads, on which grit had been laid. But this twisting, little-used lane had not been treated. Suddenly Hugh felt the bike start to slip from under him. The next moment he found himself rolling over and over on the road. It seemed as though he was never going to stop.

Gerry sat and waited for him. But she could never sit doing nothing for long, and she suddenly grabbed a duster, got out and started vigorously — and rather unnecessarily — polishing the windshield. She was hardly conscious of the car that drew up alongside her, so she didn't raise her head when a voice nearby said sharply, 'Hey! ' It was not a form of address she was accustomed to. But then the voice repeated irritably, 'You! Girl! With the duster,' and she turned in surprise. She saw a very small baby Austin car, driven by a very large man with long black hair.

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