Against All Odds: Shot Down Over Occupied Territory in WWII by Frederick Dustin Worthen

By Frederick Dustin Worthen

The writer and his 8 crewmembers bailed out in their crippled B-24 on their twenty fourth challenge over enemy territory. Shot at after which captured by means of the Germans, they have been taken to a stalag in Nuremberg, after which on a pressured march to a different in Moosburg. They have been strafed by way of Allied planes, approximately lynched through an offended mob, starved, and shot at back through taking flight SS previous to their liberation via normal Patton. exceedingly, all 9 crewmembers survived, and 8 of them contributed to this striking account that took two decades to put in writing.

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After “bombs away” we turned and headed for home base in formation by an assigned route that would keep the planes away from flak batteries. We lowered altitude as conditions warranted and generally got below 10,000 feet over the North Sea, where we could take off the very uncomfortable oxygen mask and have a cigarette, something to eat, or just relax a bit. Before we got to the English coast we turned on our coded “identification friend or foe” (IFF), so the British anti-aircraft would not shoot at us.

Dressed, and sent to the mess hall for a breakfast of powdered eggs with a green tint, grapefruit juice (very acid), brown bread (excellent), the old standard (marmalade), and very strong coffee. We were then trucked to the briefing area. There we checked out various kinds of equipment. We assembled in the briefing room with a large target map, temporarily covered for security reasons. When the day's mission briefing started, the map was uncovered, showing the target and the route to the target with a colored string.

TRAINING 35 What a battle just to go to war. This is a supreme example of the dedication that servicemen had in their duty for the United States of America. The Rosacker crew arrived at Topeka, Kansas, about July 2, 1944, to pick up our brand-new B-24 for the flight to the British Isles. While in Topeka John and I took a trip to Kansas City to see the sights and have a little fun. When we got back to Topeka I met Mother, Dad, and Connie as per our plan. This was an enjoyable visit and it gave me a very satisfying send-off for our big flight across the ocean and for facing the enemy.

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