Agilent 16533A, 16534A Digitizing Oscilloscope (help volume)

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The scrollbar may jump away from the center. Do not reset it. 3. Select the Run button to get a new acquisition. See Also “Vertical and Horizontal Scaling” on page 52 Getting a Stable Trigger For most waveforms, the easiest way for you to get a stable trigger is to use Autoscale. Autoscale analyzes your waveform and sets the trigger mode to edge and the vertical scale, horizontal scale, and trigger level to best display your waveform. Manual Triggering While Autoscale is the easiest way to obtain a stable trigger, there are times when you may need to set the trigger manually to capture more complex waveforms.

To run all active instruments, select Run All in the System or Workspace window, or Group Run in the window of any instrument included in a group run. If the scope is triggered by another instrument, do not change settings while the scope is waiting for its trigger or it may not trigger. “Run/Group Run Function” on page 90 31 Chapter 1: Agilent Technologies 16533/34A Digitizing Oscilloscope Acquiring a Waveform “Autoscale” on page 32 “Specifying a Measurement” on page 33 “Using Waveform Memories” on page 78 “Differences from a Standard Digitizing Oscilloscope” on page 77 “Combining the Oscilloscope with a Logic Analyzer” on page 35 Autoscale Autoscale automatically optimizes the waveform display for each channel that is turned on.

When Waveform Average is enabled, the # Avgs control sets the number of waveforms you want to use in calculating the average value for each sample point. The Agilent Technologies 16533A or 16534A can average from 2 to 512 waveform acquisitions but the larger the number of acquisitions, the more time it will take to accumulate all the waveforms you have requested. The following formula is used to calculate the average for each data point: For n between 1 and M. After terminal count is reached (n greater than or equal to M), where: Aven = the average sample value n = the current average number M = setting of # Avgs control (terminal count) Si = the ith sample.

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