Alice Returns From Wonderland: Ontological Frameworks for by Mladen Domazet

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To conclude that the quantum theoretic descriptions of the world (most commonly those that hinge on entangled states, but not necessarily, cf. Horodecki, Horodecki & Horodecki, 1999) are just not complete. For some time the foundational problems had been swept under the proverbial carpet, due, in part, to great practical success of the theory, but also the belief that the divide is benign. Though the quantum 11 Or at least, the separation is such to make any known physical influence (such as an electromagnetic signal or alteration in potential energy in the relationship of the pair) at least detectable if not downright impossible.

36 Part I: SIMPLE PARTS, COMPLEX EXPLANATIONS world of the small was conceptually threatening it seemed to remain contained (pace Schrödinger’s cat’s ill fate) behind the said divide, not endangering tables, chairs and cannon balls. In the 1960s, influenced by the work of John Bell, even physicists began to take the foundational issues, those of the theory’s place in the overall worldview, seriously once again. 12 Subsequently, this led to the advances in what is today an independent field of research, the Quantum Information Theory.

Effectively equated with matter. Yet, it can be argued, his physics contained manifestations of practical commitment to vacuum and absolute space (Losee, 1993; Huggett, 1999). 30 Part I: SIMPLE PARTS, COMPLEX EXPLANATIONS of explanation, and avoid the need to introduce a gratuitous multiplicity of explanatory principles (Della Rocca, 2002). Though unification is undoubtedly their great strength, such reductions to supposed underlying mechanism have been known to be pushed too far in an attempt to explain all encountered physical phenomena.

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