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The life of the Mahāsiddha Tilopa

Biography of an Indian Buddhist priest Tillopåada, 988-1069, the grasp of Mar-pa Chos-kyi-blo-gros.

The Davidic Messiah in Luke-Acts: The Promise and Its Fulfillment in Lukan Christology

The character of Lukan christology has been a lot debated lately, with students claiming the pre-eminence of such different types as Lord, Prophet, Christ, or Isaianic Servant. within the current paintings the writer examines one significant subject matter inside Luke's christology, that of the arrival king from the road of David.

A new island biogeography of the sea of Cortés

Background of clinical exploration within the Sea of Cortés / George E. Lindsay and Iris Engstrand --
Geology and a while of the islands / Ana Luisa Carreño and Javier Helenes --
Physical oceanography / Saul Álvarez-Borrego --
Plants / Martin L. Cody . .. [et al. ] --
Ants / April M. Boulton and Philip S. Ward --
Tenebrionid beetles / Francisco Sanchez Piñero and Rolf L. Aalbu --
Rocky-shore fishes / Donald A. Thomson and Matthew R. Gilligan --
Nonavian reptiles : origins and evolution / Robert W. Murphy and Gustavo Aguirre-Léon --
Reptiles : ecology / Ted J. Case --
Land birds / Martin L. Cody and Enriqueta Velarde --
Breeding dynamics of Heermann's gulls / Enriqueta Velarde and Exequiel Ezcurra --
Mammals / Timothy E. Lawlor . .. [et al. ] --
Island meals webs / Gary A. Polis . .. [et al. ] --
Human influence within the Midriff Islands / Conrad J. Bahre and Luis Bourillón --
Cultural dispersal of crops and reptiles / Gary P. Nabhan --
Ecological conservation / Exequiel Ezcurra . .. [et al. ]

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34 Helene P. ), Beyond Aristophanes: Transition and Diversity in Greek Comedy, Atlanta. Dover, K. (1993), Aristophanes Frogs, Oxford. Dunn, F. (1989), ‘Comic and Tragic License in Euripides’ Orestes’, ClAnt 8: 238–51. Dürrenmatt, F. (1954), ‘Problems of the Theater,’ tr. G. Nelhaus and adapted by S. H. Ray, in V. ) (1982), Plays and Essays, New York. Foley, H. P. (1980), ‘The Masque of Dionysus,’ TAPhA 110: 107–30. Revised in Foley (1985), Ritual Irony: Poetry and Sacrifice in Euripides (Ithaca), 205–58.

Protagoras’ and Prodicus’ approach to Simonides (an archaic poet in any case) suggests a rather limited level of analysis (338e–347a, the poem’s contradictions or its orthoepeia, definition) in contrast with Socrates’ more extensive and perhaps novel attack on its investigation of virtue. 43 Before Frogs, Euripides was apparently, as I shall note below, increasingly self-conscious about the role played by elements of tragic drama such as plots, messenger speeches, levels of decorum, or concluding divine appearances.

Every one of them has a book and understands intellectual ideas. This same play asserts with new authority (discussed below) comedy’s claim to include both the serious and the comic. Aristophanes explicitly and repeatedly aims, then, to expand the range of both his comedy and his audience, to defeat his rivals, and to establish the value of comedy to the city. Why did tragedy successfully facilitate, apparently more than anything else, this claim to growing confidence in the sophistication of both the poet’s own work and his audience?

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