Angles of Attack (Frontlines, Book 3) by Marko Kloos

By Marko Kloos

The alien forces often called the Lankies are amassing at the sunlight system's aspect, consolidating their conquest of Mars and atmosphere their attractions in the world. The distant colony of recent Svalbard, bring to a halt from the remainder of the galaxy by means of the Lanky blockade, teeters at the verge of hunger and cave in. The forces of the 2 Earth alliances have gained minor skirmishes yet are at risk of wasting the battle. For battle-weary employees sergeant Andrew Grayson and the ragged forces of the North American Commonwealth, the struggle for survival is coming into a catastrophic new phase.

Forging an uneasy alliance with their Sino-Russian enemies, the NAC launches a hybrid job strength on a protracted shot: a stealth challenge to breach the Lanky blockade and reestablish provide strains with Earth. Plunging into strive against opposed to a cruel alien species that outguns, outmaneuvers, and outfights them at each flip, Andrew and his fellow soldiers might turn out cornered on their domestic turf, without approach out and no wish for reinforcement. And this time, the fight for humanity's destiny can in simple terms lead to both victory or annihilation.

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Rather to his surprise, he found that he could. He felt quite contented, in a dazed, stupid kind of way. He knew dimly that the rescue ship must have come, that the automatic revival sequence had been triggered, and that soon he would be seeing other human beings. That was fine, but he did not get excited about it. Presently he felt hunger. The computer, of course, had anticipated this need. "There is a signal button by your right hand, Dave. " Bowman forced his fingers to hunt around, and presently discovered the pear-shaped bulb.

Pumping sequence started," repeated Hal. At once, Poole could hear the throbbing of the pumps as precious air was sucked out of the lock chamber. " Poole made a final check of his tiny instrument panel. Everything was perfectly normal. "Open outer door," he ordered. " and the computer would stop the sequence immediately. Ahead, the walls of the ship slid apart. Poole felt the pod rock briefly as the last thin traces of air rushed into space. Then he was looking out at the stars – and, as it happened, at the tiny, golden disk of Saturn, still four hundred million miles away.

Below this was a small "space-garage" fitted with three airlocks, through which powered capsules, just large enough to hold a man, could sail out into the void if the need arose for extravehicular activity. The equatorial region of the pressure sphere – the slice, as it were, from Capricorn to Cancer – enclosed a slowly rotating drum, thirty-five feet in diameter. As it made one revolution every ten seconds, this carrousel or centrifuge produced an artificial gravity equal to that of the Moon. This was enough to prevent the physical atrophy which would result from the complete absence of weight, and it also allowed the routine functions of living to be carried out under normal – or nearly normal – conditions.

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